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New Horizon 4 Life (NH4L) is on a mission to change the landscape for Veterans, independent disabled adults, and their families. After their service many of our Veterans become individuals with limited income and resources. Veterans are one of the highest demographics at risk of homelessness and mental health issues. A wide range of service related disabilities can also make it tough to find or hold full time employment. With your help, we can change the lives of these individuals and their families.

How Can I Help?
Monetary donations can make a big difference in our mission. You can donate online or by mail, whatever is most convenient for you. We will make sure your donations go to those veterans who need your help most. To give online please click the link below to be redirected to Paypal.

Become a Sponsor today!

American veteran family


Donations can be made via PayPal (this link will accept major credit cards also) or by simply mailing a monetary donation to our address. You may choose to specify what donation type you would like to contribute to or leave it to us and we will ensure your financial gift is applied appropriately.

Sponsor by mail:


New Horizon 4 Life
2010 West Avenue K #715 
Lancaster, CA 93536

Donate to help veterans.

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